Factors Affecting Availability and Pay Rates for Travel Nurse Positions

Registered nurses who are interested in travel and interim health care staffing opportunities typically must register with at least one agency in order to be candidates for various positions. The prevailing opinion by nurses registered with these agencies tends to be very favorable. For one particular organization, check out the details online and even do a job search.

Personal Challenges

Although accepting positions in nursing away from home can be rewarding and provide the chance to live in different regions, there also are personal challenges for most of these health care workers. They may land in a place where they don’t know anyone at all, leaving them with the risk of becoming lonely while missing family and friends back home.

The unfamiliar facility they have chosen may also feel somewhat intimidating at first. The permanent staff members may not be quite sure what to make of this new person who will probably only be there on a temporary basis. Nevertheless, this can be an exciting time in the nurse’s life with the distinct possibility of making new friends and learning to feel at home in a different city.

Factors Connected With Pay and Available Jobs

Many factors interact when registered nurses want to figure out how much money they can make and how easily they’ll be able to find positions. One consideration involves where the person is willing to work, since pay rates are significantly higher in some parts of the country. Getting hired quickly also depends on this factor, since some regions are in greater need of nursing staff and that’s the reason medical centers are searching for travel nurses.

Nurses with a bachelor of science in nursing and at least a few years of experience may expect to receive an offer within a few weeks. As with pay rates and number of positions available, flexibility in regard to location means speedier opportunities with agencies such as 360 Healthcare Staffing. The same is true if the nurse is willing to work shifts outside of normal daytime hours. RNs can make a premium for taking positions on second or third shift, or working 12-hour overnight shifts.